Shakuhachi Flute



About Lauren

Lauren Nagaryu Rubin, PhD, is one of the few women in the world who plays and performs the ancient and mystical shakuhachi flute. Lauren, who earned her
doctorate in Ethnomusicology from the prestigious Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has traveled the world teaching, playing and performing the shakuhachi, introducing audiences of both children and adults to the wonders of this spectacular instrument.

Lauren, who grew up in a musical family (her mother was a concert pianist), has developed a particular passion and love for ethnomusicology throughout her life. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Hawaii and her Masters of Science in Music Technology from Indiana University/Purdue University in Indianapolis. Lauren is currently adapting her dissertation into a book about the early history of the shakuhachi and its relationship to Shingon Buddhism.

She has developed and taught a variety of music curriculum both online and in the classroom at the college level, and developed and taught a host of music programs for K-12 through the Arts Council of Southern Oregon. Lauren regularly gives shakuhachi presentations to students of all ages. She also plays the Australian didgeridoo, the Indian tabla, piano, guitar, and hand drums from various cultures.

Lauren resides with her husband Andrew and their pets in Los Angeles, California.